The Posture Decompression System - Kits Now Available!

The Posture Decompression System - Kits Now Available!

The Posture Decompression System Kits are now available!

The PDS does several things:  it helps improve both your standing and sitting posture; it helps to decompress your spine while face down and face up; it helps decrease/prevent back pain; and it helps you beat gravity over the long haul.

The original idea for this sprouted from some foam supports that I had made for myself to help me "decompress" my own spine at the end of a long day so I could feel fully relaxed and reloaded to see patients the next day.  Given the challenges with my own spine and that I bend over people to adjust their spine for a living, you can see where I was coming from.

It later occurred to me that I could slightly modify the shape of these supports, make sure the firmness was correct and then apply this to my top-recommended home care exercises that I've been giving to patients for years.  The result is The Posture Decompression System.

The kit comes with a zippable chest-style dust protector, mountable instructions, a video on how to breathe properly for every day life and to optimize your time spent using it, a body height-based "breathing soundtrack" that paces your breathing which helps usher you into that relaxed state that we seek with meditation (thus allowing for better oxygenation to the brain and connective tissues we are addressing here) AND a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't fully love it.

To learn more, please visit .  There's one exception, the patient price is only $97 since we don't have to charge tax or shipping if you get it at our office.

We're gradually gathering testimonials but I will say that, when I do "The Sky Dive" position followed by "The London Guard" position right before bed, I KNOW - first thing in the morning - if I have done it or not because I feel taller walking to the shower!

You may be wondering, what about NUCCA?  Isn't chiropractic supposed to help my posture, back pain and help me "beat" gravity?

NUCCA is the best chiropractic procedure that I know of for addressing misalignments from the front-to-back dimension such as hip unleveling and a short leg, body lean, etcetera but, in terms of addressing imbalances from the side aspect such as forward head posture, rounded shoulders, an exaggerated "bump" in the upper back area and pelvic tilt issues, these are all the result long-term gravitational stress and compensations for the original misalignment from that front-to-back aspect.  The body has amazing ability to self-heal when free of nerve interference but certain limitations exist and The Posture Decompression System is the best thing that I know of for a "next in line" defense against such structural wear and tear in the spine, along with optimizing our spinal health and making orange juice out of oranges.

Truer than ever are a couple of my favorite sayings:  "Ever heard of a spine transplant?  Neither have we, take care of the one you have." - Someone's post on Instagram...and..."You are as old as your spine." - Joseph Pilates

Thanks for taking the time to check out The Posture Decompression System!  Tell your friends across the country too!  Shipping and tax costs are probably less than you expect because we are partnering with a group similar to Amazon which cuts shipping costs significantly :o)


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