Scoliosis Relief in Prior Lake: A Chiropractor's Own Success Story

If you're looking for Scoliosis relief in Prior Lake, Dr. Pietrek knows how you feel. It's been said that scoliosis is a perpetual, downward trending condition that only gets worse as you age. But that may not be true.

Diagnosed in the 8th grade, scoliosis pain hadn't become a problem until his freshman football season the following year. Sharp right-sided mid-back pain started limiting him in sports, and affected his concentration and academic performance.

"I was always really shifty in my seat," Dr. Pietrek noted, saying that he was always trying to find a comfortable position in his chair at school because of the worsening curves of his scoliosis.

"What I want to say is, that right now, I'm glad I put all my eggs into this one basket. The method of chiropractic I've received for the last 24 years has been nothing short of amazing, and that's why I've made it my life's work. I love working with scoliosis sufferers and, because of my own experience, it brings out the best in what I do."

If you're in the Prior Lake / Savage area and you suffer from scoliosis - pain and/or your curves are getting worse and you'd like a second opinion and to find out what results are possible, then check out this in-depth report:

Whether you have a son or daughter that has recently been screened at school, or if you've known that you've had scoliosis for some time and you're concerned that it's getting worse, there may be help and it might not be as difficult as you think. You don't need to go to the chiropractor every week for life, you may not need to do any rigorous home-based stretching programs or physical therapy...the problem may be sourced in an imbalance in the top of your spine.

You see, the side-most part of the brainstem controls the tone of the musculature that goes down your spine, just like a string puppet. When the top is out of tune, reflexes get sent down your spine to compensate for this and shift your body's weight. This is all so that your eyes can stay level with the horizon because, if they don't, then your equilibrium gets thrown off. That's why your body inherently adapts by causing one leg to get longer and the other to get shorter; one hip going higher and one dropping lower; same thing with the shoulders, PLUS a compression and twisting of the whole spine.

Dr. Pietrek says that in most cases of "idiopathic scoliosis", this is the main culprit.

How Dr. Pietrek goes about correcting for this problem requires a detailed look. Usually, the paperwork, consultation, examination and X-raying times takes about one hour. Commonly, you are dismissed at that point, and asked to come back after the X-rays have been analyzed and all the findings have been put together.

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