Resilience and Integration: Your keys to Success at Prior Lake Spinal Care

Tonight is game 7 in the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers. The Oilers have shown incredible resilience, coming back from three games down.

Not only does resilience mean the ability to bounce back after a deficit, it ALSO means YOUR (spine's) ability to come back toward normal after being bent, stretched or compressed.

It's important to remember that the spine is not a column - it's a tension based, suspensory structure. If there's any stress in one part, the body/spine will dissipate the tension throughout the whole framework. This is evident when people come in to see us. They will often have one hip higher, one hip lower; lying down, one leg is longer and one leg is shorter. There's a twisting of the body framework as they start to lean to one side and the spine compresses in upon itself.

In "HealthCare", integrative typically means there are several practitioners providing a variety of services under one roof. They get great results, but integration is NOT and outside-in phenomenon. It's inside-out - or as I like to say "above-down-inside-out" or simply A.D.I.O.

In fact, the dictionary defines integration as "the coordination of mental processes into a normal, effective personality, or with the environment."

Integration is an inside job. If you want to be great, YOU have to integrate.

What makes Prior Lake Spinal Care unique is that we don't take anything out or put anything into you. We simply remove nerve interference at the level of the brainstem. When we do this, the research shows that not only are we helping to re-set the tone of the muscles that go all the way down the spine and attach to the pelvis - we're also necessarily integrating 3 other key areas of the brain which are responsible for critical thinking (the hippocampus); sleep and energy (the hypothalamus); and the stress response system (amygdala) in the brain.

This is precisely why we not only help get people out of pain, but I often hear things like "I don't seem to need as much caffeine during a work day any more", and "I'm less irritable at home now and everyone seems to be more at peace."

You're either in integration mode or adaptation mode. Integrating or disintegrating. Coordinating your reasoning capabilities, intuition, perception, willpower, imagination and memory - in REAL TIME, or you're not. Get connected at Prior Lake Spinal Care and stay creative. Stay integrated and resilient!


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