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This is the do-it-yourself module of Posture and Mobility from Above-Down-Inside-Out (A.D.I.O).

Here, we will be discussing 7 "primal pattern" movements, developed by holistic health practitioner Paul Chek.

Chek is well-known for his rehabilitative programs for athletes and helping prevent injury for non-athletes.

The premise behind "Primal Pattern Movements" is that if you couldn't properly perform these movements and you were in a hunter and gatherer culture, you could starve. Broken bones and severe sprains were not easily mendable without modern medical procedures, so proper body and spinal mechanics were essential.

For us, the primal pattern movements or 'functional movements' are all about healing from past injury, preventing setbacks with spinal-related conditions, and helping you to be aware of any movement weaknesses you may have. For example, if you notice that your right knee buckles inward whenever you squat down, then you may need to focus on foam rolling the glutes and calves on that side in order to free these motions up.

All you need is a stick and a dumb bell or kettle bell. This video demonstrates all 7 movements from the side and front: lunge, squat, push, pull, bend, turn and gait (walking, jogging, and running).


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