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Many of you have noticed that I've been compiling a thick stack of PDF's, videos, handouts and jargon about the neurology behind the improved "brain-to-body" connection experienced through chiropractic care. But did you know this SAME one-to-the-other pattern is also apparent in computer systems, cell biology, brain biology, electrical engineering and more?

It all has to do with a thing called "functional integration".

Functional integration is the basis of a 10-patient "mini-study" we're doing (it's a secret and I can't tell you what it's all about, or else I'd ruin the placebo). It's goal is to not only help demonstrate the awesomeness of the care provided at Prior Lake Spinal Care, and it supports the position that we can include "FI" components in our daily routines, which serve to help us re-gain autonomy over our mental/emotional, social and spiritual health domains.

Above-Down-Inside-Out is about improving your own trajectory. It will be a unique webpage on our main website, with a different background, look and feel. I consider it insider information. The general public is NOT looking for a chiropractor that can help them discover their algorithms, develop better internal leverage to be a better "doer" of what they know to be true. That's okay. This isn't for everybody.

It's for people that have most likely enjoyed getting out of pain, and want to experience maximal recovery in the other three factors of health - mental/emotional, social and spiritual health - all of which may or may have not been impacted by that physical pain or the CAUSE of the pain.

There are 3 waves to A.D.I.O. There is the spinal adjustment itself, it is the hands on do-it-yourself part, and more of a headspace part which is about helping you create autonomy in your own health journey.

Physical pain has an emotional experience attached to it. Not only is it more difficult to be happy when you're in pain, there are "fight or flight" hormones that go every where in your body when you experience pain, which can then spill over into stressed out thoughts and stressed out actions. The more we know this enemy, the better we can beat it.

You could learn many of these principles on other websites, but our lives have overlapped and this will be organized in such a way that maybe our stories will overlap as well, hoping that you can feel a little more pulled in some of the areas you've been pushing.

Everyone truly has a story. My job is to help you carry that out as well and as long as possible with a well-balanced spine.

I've dedicated my life to this upper cervical chiropractic work, and it's played a huge role in how I view the four pillars of health as defined by Dorland's Medical and Webster's dictionary: physical, mental/emotional, social and spiritual.

The new resource page is anticipated to be done within a couple months.


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