Mental and Emotional Health Improvement Procedure Explained by Prior Lake Chiropractor

Mental and Emotional health has been a huge topic the past couple years.  World events and COVID have been associated with up-tics in various mental health conditions.   

The good news is that 2 of the 4 common "side benefits" (in addition to pain relief) here include clearer thinking and better stress handling.  This short playlist offers simple tips to capitalize on your newly tapped healing improvement that are backed by science and work for all people.  Rooted in principle, these statements will hold true for forever.

See, we humans possess a much-higher-than-the-animals ability to reason, intuit, perceive, remember, imagine and exercise their willpower.  The problem is that we're endowed with these faculties and we didn't earn them.  This means they're easy to take for granted. 

Journaling is the best way that I know of to sharpen and integrate all of these faculties.

In this video series we talk about what to journal on and how to review your journal entries for maximized benefit.

We talk about the importance of standing between your thoughts and actions (your feelings) in order to have the best insight into what makes you tick AND ensure that you're on the correct trajectory per your own values, roles and goals.  When you feel like you're making progress, it eliminates the internal struggle associated with depression and anxiety.

Lastly, we talk about how to meditate on your journal entries for the best carry-over effect on your daily life.  There are numerous resources that go along with this unique and critical video series, so if you'd like more information on any of these smaller topics, just let me know!  

Here's the playlist......

Intro to Journaling and Meditating for Mental / Emotional Health

A Journaling Method

Using Your Journal as a Guide to Meditation

Dr. James Pietrek, Prior Lake Chiropractor

We know that most doctor visits are at least indirectly related to mental health. I'm impressed with how the body is simultaneously both a mechanism and an energy field. It's an exciting time to embrace. The quantum model of physics guides biological research and the Newtonian model is a thing of the past.

The thing I like best about my work is meeting someone where they're at and usually helping with their pain. Yet I always hear statements like "not only is my headache gone, I don't seem to be as argumentative", or "I just feel like I'm thinking so much sharper these days.

I had a solo practice in San Diego for over 17 years, and I loved going to the beach. In surf contests, surfers are judged by the amount and difficulty of maneuvers they perform once they catch the wave. Here, we know that most people are going to not only physically feel better, but also notice some of these more subtle yet just as valuable benefits such as mental and emotional health improvement.

The purpose of these videos is to help our friends and patients maximize their healing and performance so they can ride out life's waves gracefully and achieve regular breakthroughs.

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