Prior Lake Chiropractor Answers, "Is it Magic?"

Searching for the right Prior Lake Chiropractor is not an easy task. Even our own patients, sometimes, just don't get it.

I know they're only joking. I'm on their side. 

It's counterintuitive that so much can be done by doing so little.  Hence, some call it "magic" or "voodoo". 

Here's a homemade video that should clear things up.

One more thing. Occam's Razor says that doing the least to accomplish the most will always be more powerful than doing lots of things and getting the same result. Learn more about Occam's Razor here.

Prior Lake Chiropractor's NUCCA Spinal Adjustment

In chiropractic jargon, NUCCA is called and "upper cervical (neck) technique", while methods are referred to as "sports technique", "Activator technique" or "full spine technique" to name a few. However, in my opinion "full spine" techniques are actually segmental techniques, whereas NUCCA is actually more full spine than theirs.

If I didn't get pain relief from a "full spine" technique, I wouldn't have chosen to become a chiropractor. Yet, even while seeing some of the best chiropractors in the state, my back kept getting worse until I discovered NUCCA. I still have the curves in my spine, but at least the top of my spine is positioned over the bottom, now that "I've gotten my head on straight" with the NUCCA work (see photo below).

To learn more about the NUCCA method, please visit here. To set up a free consult with Dr. Pietrek in the Prior Lake area, please visit our contact page here.

Busy individuals who seem to get a lot things done are resourceful. They know that in order to be "into great", they must integrate.

Prior Lake Chiropractor Discusses Scoliosis Pain Relief


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