Prior Lake Chiropractor Discusses "How to Live up to Your Potential"

When it comes to the topic of how to live up to your potential, we must start with what makes a human being unique. On our whiteboards this week it says, life is the union of three important and necessary factors: intelligence, force and matter.

How to Live up to Your Potential

Let's talk a little about these words and what they actually mean.

Intelligence, you might say, is the first creation. When the football team goes out and wins on Sunday, likely the coach of that team already won in his or her mind several days beforehand. A plan was created on paper - a blueprint you might say - a game plan or battle plan.

In fact anything that you see when you look around our world that looks really cool to you I would guarantee you that there is some sort of informational blueprint behind this, which requires intelligence.

Now, a force was required to take that intelligence and convert it into something that is actually useful. So, we have the force/energy/effort put behind the intelligence that brings it to fruition, which equals the matter or situation. In a chiropractic context, this would be the molecular structures, the cells, the organelles and organ systems, ultimately the central nervous system and the spinal column.

In chiropractic, we say that intelligence-to-matter and intelligence-to-force is always 100%. It is what creates the physical matter; it is what maintains the physical matter in existence. This is quantum physics that nobody will every be able to ever fully explain how the heart cells remain heart cells and how the liver cells remain liver cells, yet it is a phenomena that calls for reverence.

When you look at DNA and really boil it down, it's really information. Behind information, there must be design. If you get a table from IKEA, you get an instruction manual on how to assemble the furniture. We would never say that the instruction manual and furniture appeared in the box all by chance. An average adult's DNA can stretch to the sun and back four times. This is WAY more complex than anything coming out of IKEA or any other furniture store!

Natural forces such as entropy (gradual breakdown of things), gravity, and centrifugal force are a few examples. When we look closer at gravity, if I dropped my dry erase marker, I can interfere with or defy gravity by catching the marker. In the same way, nerve impulses from the brain to anywhere in the body can be interfered with due to spinal misalignments. Preventing this is the chiropractor's job.

The purpose of the spine is to protect the nerves branching off the spinal cord, yet when there's a structural imbalance of the spine, now the vertebrae that should be protecting the nerves are now impeding the normal nerve flow. Any disturbance in the body between the force (nerve force) and the physical matter (body tissues) means less life being expressed.

Freeing up these interferences not only helps you to heal better, it also helps you to heal maximally and function optimally, so that you can be the optimized you. Vince Lombardi was once scolded by an interviewer " You really work your players hard at practice. Are you sure it's all worth it?" to which he replied, "All I'm doing is asking them to live up to their potential, there's nothing wrong with that."

In the same way, living up to your own potential, STARTS with a healthy-functioning brain-to-body connection and well-performing nerve system!

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