Introducing: The Posture Decompression System - Part 2 of 2

Introducing: The Posture Decompression System - Part 2 of 2


Last time I talked about what makes something vintage.  One thing vintage jewelry, cars, wines and other antiques have in common is that they have all stood the test of time.

Another thing "vintage" things have in common is they have an amazing story.  This video was shot at Callaway Winery in Temecula.  The shortened story of Callaway is as follows...

Ely Callaway, in the early 80's joined a company called Hickory Sticks, which specialized in making golf clubs with metal shafts but resembled an old-fashioned hickory wood shaft.  He then purchased the company and called it Callaway Hickory Sticks.

With the success of over-sized drivers which are said to hit the ball further and straighter, along with a couple other innovations, Callaway was able to sell putters and other clubs under different brand names.  And as far as I know, Callaway is one of the first wineries built in Temecula Wine Country.

Now, in several of the pictures featured in the collage on this video, you will notice that my head is up against the wall...

Several years ago, I had a patient from the UK and I asked her to stand over at the wall and press her head up against it with her feet out about 5 inches.  "Clasp your hands together and just relax them under your belly button."

To my amazement, she said "You know, I have a nephew who stands at attention all day in front of the palace.  He's a Queens' Guard and he told me the exact same thing and that they had him do this during his training to learn how to stand straight for hours and help build up their postural muscles."

I thought to myself "Okay, I won't be calling this one the 'Isometric Spinal Extensor Exercise" anymore!

So we took the foam supports which I discussed in the previous post, made sure they were properly shaped and positioned on the body.....oh and with the correct firmness (I've been learning a lot about foam lately!) and we applied these to not ONLY this London Guard exercise but also to three of the other positions/poses/exercises I've been giving to patients for years.

Check out the video so you can see firsthand how The London Guard and The Scold helps to improve our standing and sitting posture, and how The Rocket Man and The Sky Dive helps to decompress our spine while facing down and facing up.

Each one of these are great when done on their own but when done together they're even more beneficial - helping to improve posture, decrease back pain and beat gravity.  Website coming soon!  The Posture Decompression System


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