Integrative Chiropractic Healthcare in Prior Lake, MN

Most integrative chiropractic healthcare centers in Minnesota emphasize various treatment modalities for each individual. They may use hot/cold, electrical muscle stimulation, massage, herbs and other treatments to assist their clients' progress toward health. Prior Lake Spinal Care's approach to integrative healthcare is different.

Integrative Chiropractic Healthcare
Integrative Chiropractic in Prior Lake

Oftentimes in Medicine, the more specialized the practitioner is, the less regard there is for the other body systems.

When it comes to emergency medical services, the doctor may need to urgently perform surgery. Surgery can lead to scar tissue and, if improperly rehabbed, can lead to loss of body movement and function.

When medicine is prescribed to treat a specific ailment, there are often side effects that affect other body systems. Among the most common side effects of the medications Dr. Pietrek's patients have been taking are mental clarity, sleep and energy issues.

These consequences of specialization are unintentional. And, considering the alternative to NOT being able to receive emergency services when we need it, most of us accept this. Yet we are wise to consider using medication and surgery as last resorts.

Basically, when the fire is out the firefighters ought to leave the scene. Time for the carpenters to re-build.

You are probably aware of the preventative, practical and life-enhancing benefits of chiropractic care.

At our office, our approach to integrative chiropractic care is simplified "less is more".

Specializing in the connection where the brain meets the body affords them the opportunity to have an integrative effect on the entire body. When a person's leg length balances and their hips come back toward level after an upper neck adjustment, is this less or more powerful than when a person gets 5 things done to them just to get the tone of the spinal muscles to balance?

With the NUCCA adjustment that is performed at Prior Lake Spinal Care, we know that improvement to spinal muscle imbalances are due to the improved function of the brain and it's communication with the rest of the spinal cord system.

Specifically, the areas of the brain that are integrated are the hippocampus, hypothalamus, vestibular nucleus and amygdala. These sections of the brain play large roles in regulating our posture & mobility, sleep & energy, mental clarity, and our ability to adapt to stress.

The video above is a theatrical yet simplified explanation of the expansive benefits (in addition to pain control) of Prior Lake Spinal Care's unique approach.  

Kind of like showing you how your fancy kitchen blender can not only blend, but that it can also puree, make soup, chop veggies and so on.

Dr. Pietrek feels strongly that there's nothing else on the planet that can PREDICTABLY have a positive influence on one's Posture & Mobility, Sleep & Energy, Stress Adaptability, and Mental Clarity by doing just one thing.  That one thing being the NUCCA Spinal Adjustment on the C1 (Atlas) vertebra.  

Not only far as we know, Dr. Pietrek, chiropractor in Prior Lake MN, is the only one even talking about it.  

It's true.  At NUCCA conferences, the NUCCA research arm updates doctors and students on blood pressure studies, immune function and similar studies as it relates to this chiropractic procedure.  The purpose of these studies is to demonstrate that the procedure is a more cost-effective way to get medical results without using medicine.  Yet Dr. Pietrek maintains that they ought to focus on the implications of the immediate clinical changes that are observed all the time on a REGULAR basis - not certain populations with immune challenges or high blood pressure.  

Dr. Pietrek cares nothing about proving to the ScientificTM or HealthCare communities that they're better than anyone else.  Currently, the popular scientific community en masse denies that natural immunity is even a thing.

After 18 years in practice, Dr. Pietrek knows why people stay after their initial care is over - and it's not because of improvements in their blood pressure (although for some people it is).  It's because of the hidden benefits.

It's just anatomy and improved cooperation of these regions of the brain as a result of optimized nerve transmission of the brainstem TO the brain. That is Prior Lake Spinal Care's approach to integrative care.

Still, it's not that technical.  You don't need to know more than an electrician to understand how flipping some switches may turn on one light, while flipping other switches may turn on 3, 4 or more lights.

All that to say that this Vintage Video series was (and is) a way for Dr. Pietrek to communicate this message.  All videos shot for this series were from their house in Temecula, CA a while back OR at Temecula's wine country, which is a strip of about 15 wineries, the closest less than a mile away from home.  Incidentally, our neighborhood was called "Vintage Hills"... the name fits.

"Vintage" refers to the time a high quality wine was produced.  It also refers to a time that something was made popular.

Since these videos focus on unchanging principles that revolve around our health, they will never grow old.  They will always be valuable.

Strike that.  Application of these principles will always be valuable.

And as Dr. Pietrek has said many times over the past couple years, in an ever-changing world we need to anchor to that which was true yesterday, is true today and will be true tomorrow. 

Like a fine wine in our modern era, principle (common sense) will become more valuable with time.

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