Prior Lake Chiropractor Talks about The Overdrawn Health Checking Account

If we make deposits into our “health checking account” we can make withdrawals as we need them. If you can make deposits (good nutrition, exercise, proper rest, chiropractic adjustments, etc.) then you can make withdrawals (neglect, stress, pepperoni pizza, over doing it, etc.). 

Overdrawn Health Checking Account
Overdrawn Health Checking Account

Like your checking account, if you make more withdrawals than deposits, you get bounced checks and overdraft notices from the bank. Not only are overdrafts expensive, they’re inconvenient and annoying. Sickness and disease are overdrafts on our health checking account. 

Low back pain and pain down your legs? It’s an “overdraft” notice your body is sending you. Headaches? A bounced check. Numbness and tingling down your arm? A service charge from your health “bank”. 

Many people begin chiropractic care because they’re overdrawn. They’ve got bounced checks and their health bank has levied some rather harsh fees. These penalties serve as a reminder that they haven’t been making adequate deposits to cover their withdrawals.

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