Fibromyalgia Relief In Prior Lake, MN

If you're looking for Fibromyalgia relief in Prior Lake, then you have probably already been looking for relief for quite some time. The chronic nature of this condition has left experts scratching their heads as to what causes it, and whether or not there is really any affirmative diagnosis for it. Still, some feel that Fibromyalgia Syndrome is just a waste basket term that describes a chronic pain syndrome that really has no known cause or cure as of yet.

When we break down the term "Fibromyalgia", we notice there are three parts: 'My' for muscle; 'Fibro' for connective tissues, which include the fascia or connective tissue envelope that houses the muscles; and 'Algia', which simply means pain.

Most of the 18 sore spots throughout the body associated with Fibromyalgia occur in the neck and shoulders. Because of this, it is critically important that this area of the spine is not overlooked when it comes to the possibility of a structure-function relationship between the function of the upper spine and nerve tissue.

Most people with Fibromyalgia have gone to or at least considered seeing a chiropractor to help relieve their Fibromyalgia symptoms. Yet some are afraid to go because they believe they indeed have a problem in their upper neck and they do not want to have their spine twisted as part of their treatment.

When the head and neck are subjected to stress from injury or bad postural habits, it can cause the spine to lock into a stressed position. The spine dissipates the tension from the neck down to the rest of the spine since it's so important for the head and eyes to maintain their upright position relative to gravity. This is so that you have a sense of normal from which to function, even if it's adaptive normal.

Prior Lake Spinal Care's chiropractic method has a proven track record of helping folks with Fibromyalgia pain. Here's a demonstration of how Dr. Pietrek has helped someone with upper neck and shoulder pain:

As you can see, the spinal adjustment performed at our office is very gentle. This is because we know the shapes of the vertebrae and they exact type of misalignment. We have found that palpation (doctor's feel) and generalized X-rays do not give sufficient information as to what may be happening alignment and dysfunction-wise in the upper neck. Everything we do here is based on precision and accuracy.

Fibromyalgia Relief in Prior Lake
Prior Lake Fibromyalgia Relief
Fibromyalgia Syndrome Relief Prior Lake Minnesota
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Fibromyalgia is a complex condition which often includes (in addition to chronic pain) mental clarity issues, fatigue and digestive difficulty. Unfortunately, there are no all-in-one solutions. Yet there are only a few potential causes of Fibromyalgia, like many medical conditions. Don't be frustrated if you haven't found the help you need yet. There are potentially genetic causes, pathologic causes, neurohormonal causes, autoimmune causes as well as structural causes. The latter is what we specialize in at Prior Lake Spinal Care.

If you or someone you know is looking for Fibromyalgia relief and you haven't tried this form of chiropractic yet, then it's worth a try! Simply call or text 952-444-6030.


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