Air Supply: Fine Tuning Your Breathing for Better Oxygen Circulation

       You've gotta breathe anyway...        Oxygen is the fuel our cells need to carry out their day to day functions.  Yet, as a culture, our habit is to breathe too shallowly, from the chest.  Because of this, oxygen doesn't get absorbed into the alveoli as well and the consequences are […]

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The Posture Decompression System - Kits Now Available!

The Posture Decompression System Kits are now available! The PDS does several things:  it helps improve both your standing and sitting posture; it helps to decompress your spine while face down and face up; it helps decrease/prevent back pain; and it helps you beat gravity over the long haul. The original idea for this sprouted […]

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Fibromyalgia: Why do I feel so Drained?

Only 10% of the brain's energy goes toward conscious voluntary activities such as driving a car or doing math.  The other 90% is automatic.  This 90% is either preparing for a short-term stressful situation (increasing the heart rate which pumps more blood to our arms and legs in case we need to run, for example) […]

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Introducing: The Posture Decompression System - Part 2 of 2

  Last time I talked about what makes something vintage.  One thing vintage jewelry, cars, wines and other antiques have in common is that they have all stood the test of time. Another thing "vintage" things have in common is they have an amazing story.  This video was shot at Callaway Winery in Temecula.  The […]

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Introducing: The Posture Decompression System - Part 1 of 2

What does "vintage" mean?  Typically we think of "vintage" as being something that is antique.  A couple definitions found in the dictionary are: harvest time and the year a great wine was made. One thing to note is that you don't just decide that something is going to be vintage.  It must withstand the test […]

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My back went out on me. What happened?

When someone “throws out their back”, it could mean any number of things has taken place. They may have pulled a muscle or strained a ligament. In some cases of arthritis, they may have “pinched” a nerve along one of the jagged surfaces of a bone in the spine. Some people “throw out their back” […]

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3 Tips to Better Breathing and Better Energy

Carbon dioxide is just a waste product of breathing, right? Not so! In fact, the experts say that carbon dioxide loosens the bond between oxygen and hemoglobin within our red blood cells. So as long as we have to breathe anyway, let’s try to do it a little better so that we can have better […]

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The Gag Reflex, Immune Function & The Brainstem

You may have heard of the gag reflex.  Not the kind you may get from watching a despicable act play out on TV in the form of unsportsmanlike conduct, but the kind you SHOULD get when the medical doctor sticks a tongue depressor on the back of your tongue. A healthy gag reflex not only […]

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How to STOP Migraine Headaches Coming from the Neck

    Did you know that sometimes the cause of Migraine Headaches is coming from the neck?  This means that medication or needle injections will not ever fully help in this situation.   Oftentimes, the cause of the neck problem is coming from a misalignment of the top bone in the neck, known as the […]

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Walking Straighter with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

As we get older, we get anxious about losing our balance and having an accident such as a broken leg or hip. Broken bones can lead to surgery, joint replacements and poor quality of life. Here, we know that when your structure is better, your function should be as well. We feel if we can […]

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