Chiropractor in Prior Lake asks "How Long Can You Go?"

A few centuries ago if a common person defied a mean king or queen, it was "off with their head".

Dr. Pietrek, chiropractor in Prior Lake, says that apparently they figured that was the quickest way to "off" someone was to go straight to the nerve connection source.  How does this compare to how long you could go without other necessities, such as food, air and water?

We all know that the brain and spinal cord controls everything in the body, but with heart disease being the number one killer in this country, and with all the surgeries that can be performed on the heart and kidneys (which you have two of) and, in fact, you can actually get part of your liver removed and it will commonly re-grow once again - but very rarely will a person actually get brain surgery. As such, the central nervous system doesn't get enough credit.

So, we're going to give the central nervous system (CNS) some airtime today and play a little game, called "How Long Can You Go?"

How long can you go without food? Well experts say that you can go all the way up to 10 or 15, even up to 40 days without food.

What about water? Most experts say you can go about 3-7 days without water.

What about air supply? You can go up to about 5 minutes without air.

And about 3-5 days without sleep.

But what about nerve supply? You could only go about 3 seconds before you're absolutely DONE!

Now, imagine if a new bustling town is being developed. New restaurants, business parks and a retail area gets constructed. Then a major highway gets installed a month later.

Imagine a couple years later if the nearby freeway didn't have any entrance or exit ramps feeding to and from this new town?

The new little town wouldn't get "fed", it would starve out and businesses would shut down and people would need to move.

In the same way a compressive lesion, scar tissue, or a benign or even cancerous tumor inside the body can be occurring, and this could cause a restriction on the blood and nerve flow going to various organs.

But a far more subtle yet COMMON problem is the subluxation in the spine, which MAY be affecting the organ's nerve supply - which MAY be affecting one of your loved ones right now.

One of the best ways to demonstrate the importance of a healthy-functioning nervous system is to observe what happens when a person has a spinal cord injury.

Now, we know that quadrapalegics do not have as long of a lifespan or as high of a quality of life as parapalegics. Full parapalegics are not as well off as partial parapalegics, which are those who have partial use of their arms or legs.

In the same way (assuming you are not confined to a wheelchair) we all fit on the line somewhere between perfect health and being very sick.

I had a patient in this morning, as a matter of fact, who started with diarrhea and it was clearing up over the few weeks ago she's been here. Then she started to have some lower back pain and she had mistespped and fell and bumped her head, but she is doing better once again.

She told me this morning that her lower back is more flexible, she doesn't have headaches anymore and that she feels like her old self again.

I asked her "what's the next level for you?"

She said what do you mean?

I said, "Well, you're doing so much better now. Your digestive system is working better, you're not in pain and you're moving better. You've graduated by several levels in your overall health picture. What's next for you?"

What are YOUR health (life) goals?

The best kinds of goals to set are the ones that make you a better person in the process.

Better nerve supply, better you!

This Chiropractor in Prior Lake Believes We Never Stop Having Breakthroughs

Dr. Pietrek agrees with the Hippocrates' saying "All living systems are either growing or dying." We live our lives through our central nervous system and we cannot replace our spines and spinal cord, like we can with many other parts of our body. Our chiropractic system works by tapping into your inherent resilience through specific chiropractic adjustments.

We know that each person's spinal alignment (misalignment) is as unique as a fingerprint. Optimizing nerve flow by integrating the postural control center of the brain with the tonal muscles of the spine is one of the most resourceful things you can do for your health and well-being, thus prepping yourself for that next life breakthrough. This is what Dr. Pietrek refers to as ROI (resilience, optimus (optimized you), integration).

Our mission is to provide the best chiropractic care in Prior Lake. Our mission is simple yet profound. Education is part of the unfoldment process and that's why we have so many youtube videos. We believe you already have a good idea of what it takes to get and be healthy. We're just here to connect the dots. Nature needs no help, just no interference.

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