Chiropractic X-rays in Prior Lake, MN

Are X-rays Safe?

Chiropractic X-rays are used at several Prior Lake clinics. While there is public concern over the safety of X-rays, most people are surprised to know how little X-radiation is actually used. In one way, air travel and cell phone usage are not safe because they give off radiation. X-rays for spinal diagnostics should be thought of in the same way, considering risk/benefit. Watch this video and decide for yourself! Then, keep reading to see why Prior Lake Spinal Care takes post X-rays as well.

Why Post X-rays?

Chiropractic X-rays in Prior Lake
Chiropractic X-rays in Prior Lake

The answer may seem obvious.  Since chiropractic X-rays involve very little radiation, post X-rays are a practical measurement to project a patient's progress. Here are some bullet points:

1.  When it comes to chiropractic and the top of the spine, to see is to know and to not see is to guess.  Even the most skilled palpators are wrong nearly 50% of the time when determining the side of C1/atlas vertebra side slip.  Safety first.

2.  X-ray is a wonderful technology.  At Prior Lake Spinal Care, very little radiation is used.  With their low technique settings, you would need 100 X-rays per month three months in a row in order to show possible cell changes...and these changes are short lived, and mainly affect those trying to have a baby.  *This is not to say that any amount of radiation is safe (same goes for microwaves and cellular phone emissions).

3.  They want your spine to stabilize with as little adjusting as possible.  Not only does Dr. Pietrek want to hit the nail on the head - they want to make sure it's going straight down into the hole.  In other words, they don't want to improve one element of the misalignment while increasing another.

4.   It's two of the critical steps of the scientific method.  Capturing the data and analyzing it for future efficiency.  This assists us in tapping into the main ingredients of your healing improvement and sustained results:  your own resilience.  One of Dr. Pietrek's sayings is "The less the spinal adjustment does TO you, the more it does FOR you, since it's your own body does the just has to be super specific."

Chiropractic In Prior Lake, MN

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