Prior Lake Chiropractor Talks About Creativity and Your Brain's Hidden Potential

Prior Lake Chiropractor, Dr. James Pietrek, loves reading children's books with his two kids. There's usually one simple yet important lesson we can all glean from each one.

In the children’s book The Dot, Vashti is a girl who does not yet know that she is creative.

In art class, all she could bring herself to do was to draw a dot in the center of her paper. Her teacher had her sign her “masterpiece” and then the teacher set her work in a beautiful gold frame right behind her desk. Every time Vashti walked by she thought to herself “I can draw a better dot than that!”

Curt Thompson, M.D. has done an in-depth study of the brain and has concluded that the prefrontal cortex is what makes us unique from other living beings. He says that this is where the ENERGY of the mind and the INFORMATION in the mind join together, and that’s where we get our creativity and ability to appreciate creative works.

Vashti’s dots/artwork continued to improve and made quite a splash at the school’s art show. In fact, a little boy came up to Vashti and said that he really admired her work and he wished he could draw as well her.

Vashti handed him a blank piece of paper and said “Show me”. He said “Me? Not me, I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler.” Again, she said “Show me.”

The boy took the paper and pencil and his hand shook as he started to draw. Vashti looked at the boy’s squiggle and said “Now, sign it.”

Chiropractic in Prior Lake is About More than Just Back Aches

Chiropractic principle number 5 says that we have an inborn intelligence which maintains the vital force and allows us to make use of our educated brain and physical shell.

Upper cervical chiropractic care helps to ensure that the relationship of force and matter is free of interference so that you can not only get out of pain but also be more creative and appreciate creativity.

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