Prior Lake Chiropractor Draws Out the Benefits of Upper Cervical Spine Adjustment

Prior Lake Chiropractor, Dr. James Pietrek, is passionate about the less-is-more benefits of his NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) method of chiropractic care.

Typically when doctors specialize, they isolate and it's to the detriment of the surrounding tissues and systems. A couple examples may involve a dentist going after an impacted tooth which can then affect the jaw's normal motion. Or an orthopedist performing surgery which may have unintended consequences such as the formation of scar tissue impeding the proper movement of adjacent joint structures.

The Side Effects Are the Benefits

When you were younger, did you have an uncle who would hug you just a little too hard?  You're "tapping out" while he thinks you're giving a reciprocating pat-pat.  It's a battle of wills.

On the other hand, people look forward to the adjustments here because they're so fast and easy and gentle.  In fact, we take it a step further.  I tell people "the less I do TO you the more it does FOR you, since it's your own body that does the healing anyway.....just as long as it is very very specific."  THAT'S how the side effects ARE the benefits.

To learn more about the NUCCA method of chiropractic, please visit here. To schedule your free consult over the phone or in person with Dr. Pietrek, please contact us here.


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